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Let’s face it. There are very few endeavours in life that rival the demands of mothering our smalls. Most (honest) women already on that journey will tell you that, however peppered with magic moments it may be, it’s the toughest undertaking of their lives.

However it begins- an easy conception, a fertility struggle, an adoption process- it’s a rollercoaster like no other, each of us experiencing life with an intensity we never imagined.

And yet, we survive it. More than that, we handle it.

We find a particular sort of strength that surprises us. One that allows us to grow a human, or birth one (in any which way), or fight for one. One that enables us to conquer the exhaustion, the bewilderment, the weight of the responsibility. One that sees us adjust to the enormous changes in our lives, and pour all of ourselves into doing what’s best for our children, day and night, night and day (did I mention the nights?).

We each face varying levels of challenge, and have more or less support around us at points along the way. We may sail along sometimes, or drag ourselves through treacle on a daily basis. The spectrum of experiences is huge.

But in the end, we make stuff happen, we get it done. We come up against all kinds of troubles, and we give them the finger.

Because we are mothers. We don’t get to opt out. (Although I have repeatedly threatened to give each of my babies away to a stranger in the street, I’ve never actually done it…). We are totally magnificent.

So right from the start of this parenting ride, know that you are part of a worldwide gang of incredible women. Know that whatever you do, you will do it like a mother.


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