2019, 66% loaded…


2019- how is it treating you? How are YOU treating IT?

We are almost 2 thirds of the way through this year, and I wonder if that’s something you’ve given any consideration to? 

How are you doing re your goals and plans made at the start of the year? Do you even remember what they were? What about your word of the year, if you had one- feeling it?

I’ve been checking in with myself over the last couple of weeks, ready to refocus and reset myself for the final third. 

My word was EXPANSION, and I feel really happy that I’ve lived it- more women served, reaching new audiences, more offerings, more small businesses supported, more momentum for our charity partnership, more income, more yoga, more running… tickety tick tick tick. I’ve expanded into a shedload of my potential. 

BUT. There’s more, always. And in truth, I’m not just thinking about the rest of 2019, I’m laying the foundations for 2020 being off the charts incredible. I’ve made some pretty big decisions about the structure of my business and my offerings in the coming months and I’m still working through some stuff I’d like to release before 2019 is out. 

So what do you say- shall we enter into the final third of the year with the same level of intention we had in January? Those things you’re saying you’ll do next year- what if you did them NOW? THEN what could you do next year?

You’re welcome to pop into the Facebook group and share your assessment, letting us know what you need help with. 

And you KNOW that free challenge experience kicking off in there on Monday 26th August is gonna get you on your way, right?! You can find out all about it in the group. Get on that list. See 2019 out STRONG.

With love,

Keri xx