Birth Stories

Some of my gorgeous gang have generously agreed to share their birth stories with you here.

Each in isolation is an inspiring read. Together, as a collection of journeys and experiences shared by couples just like you, I intend to show you through these birth stories that:

-hypnobirthing benefits any family, in any circumstances

-the goal is not a (possible but fairly unlikely) totally pain free, home, water, orgasmic birth

-you have no idea how brave and strong you are

-YOU CAN make a difference to how your baby's birth unfolds


Welcoming Florence - first baby born at home

Welcoming Indy Alexa- positive though not to plan

Welcoming Vida- a VBAC on one leg- yep!

Welcoming Annaliese Rose- second births can be SO different

Welcoming Artie- from car park to born in 26 minutes

Welcoming Alexander- handling a breech position

Welcoming Freya- when a midwife hypnobirths

Welcoming Ethan- a first baby, born at home

Welcoming Sid and Roo- twin birth

Welcoming Finley- a surprise at 35 weeks

Welcoming Beth- a half planned C-section

Welcoming Mila Belle- restoring a midwife's faith in natural birth

Welcoming Max- mild GD navigated perfectly


I've lots more lovely stories to upload, your patience will be rewarded with more fantastic inspiration...