Not Another Mummy Business

Last week I had the absolute joy of speaking at my client and friend Rebecca Caution‘s event. I met loads of interesting women there. Chatting

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Birth of Ferne Ella

Welcoming Ferne Ella

Here’s the wonderful Emma, sharing her story of birthing on her terms (something we could all live to benefit from!): “When I became pregnant I

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Photo of Jody holding Twin 1

Welcoming Twin Boys

Thank you to Jody for sharing the inspiring birth of her twin boys. Here’s her story in her own words: “I had twins in May

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A parents loving touch

Touch is your babies first univeral language. It is their prime means of communication and plays an essential role in the forming of parent-baby relationships.

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Welcoming Blake

My high risk birth… 21st August at 11pm I started feeling surges, excitement and fear started creeping in as I didn’t want to get it wrong

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