Connect Like A Mother

You LOVE what you do. It lights you up. You believe, with your very soul, that it can have a positive impact on people’s lives.

You’re doing all the stuff you think you should to let people know. You’ve got a website. You’ve got a Facebook page that you post on all the time. You post, and you wait.

Notification 😬 Oh your friend liked it. Notification 😬 someone posted some stuff for sale in a group. You’re glued to your phone waiting for the right person to react, to connect with your message, to want to know more.

And then you inevitably get sucked into mindless scrolling that leaves you feeling 😐

You see other people running their businesses that you feel are no better than yours- what you have to offer is just as high quality, just as important, just as good value. Yet they’re selling tonnes of stuff- products, places on courses. And you’re not. Or at least not as much as you hope you’d be.

It sucks.

You’re there, telling them how brilliant your stuff is, all the time. Why aren’t they listening? Why don’t they get it? The difference YOU could make to their lives.

Where are the sales?

It’s coming… my first fantastic piece of content for you beauties that has the capacity to transform your business.


You will learn:

💥Why you don’t need to appeal to everyone, and how trying to do so is wasting your time and sabotaging your businesss

💥How to work out who it is you should be selling to- your ideal client

💥How to connect with her in such a way that she is compelled to want more of you, and to invest in the benefits you are offering

💥The importance of authenticity and the know, like and trust factor- how to talk about yourself and what you do and why (GETTING COMFORTABLE WITH THIS HAS CHANGED MY LIFE AND MY BUSINESS)

This applies to the copy on your website, your social media posts, blogging, vlogging

💫I’m throwing in a bonus module on connecting with other professionals- tips and tricks to accelerate your growth in this way- this has made an ENORMOUS IMPACT on my business in the last couple of years

💫and another one on intro to mindset tools to cope with this significant uplevel in the way you do business- stepping into this can be overwhelming. These tricks will ease it for you.

The content will be on teachable, an online learning platform, and will be a combination of video classes and worksheets for you to download and complete. There will be a separate Facebook group for the awesome mothers who sign up where we will really dig into your shizzle and I’ll give you individual feedback.


If you have Qs, just ask. Prepare to connect like never before, and grow your business.

Click here to make it happen

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