Why the day you meet your baby can be one of the most important days of your life.


Why a good birth experience matters and why we’re too afraid to accept it…


A good birth experience matters. It is the point in time in which a mother AND a baby are born. And, from that point on, their lives will be shaped by that experience. That means that everything in their life can almost be traced back to that moment in some way or another. But this is just brushed under the carpet- “it’s just one day”, “it’s just something you have to go through to get your baby”. These are the things we hear. These are the lies we are told.


The thing is. I’ve seen it. I’ve seen the importance. I’ve seen the impact it can have- the good and the bad. I’ve seen mums unable to look back at the birth experience without shedding a tear, without feeling emotions of anxiety and stress and sadness. I’ve seen mums look back at the birth with pride and love. I’ve seen the impact it has and I can’t un-see it.


My own personal birth experience has changed my life, the confidence I have as a result is astounding to me. I look back on it with such pure bliss- for weeks after the birth every time I woke, I would have this immediate rush of excitement, thinking “I did it and it was incredible and my baby is incredible, life is just incredible!”. Imagine that. Imagine that feeling. Imagine feeling that positive at a point in your life that can shape you more than any other. Now imagine the opposite. Imagine waking in terror and panic at the thought of what you went through. It should never be that way.


And it doesn’t matter how or where your baby was born. It doesn’t matter if you needed surgery, drugs, induction, injections or nothing at all. What matters is how you feel about it and how you feel about it is often shaped by how you were treated. At one of the most important times of your life- were you treated with respect, dignity, caring, compassion and treated like an intelligent human being? Or not?


These are the things that shape us for the rest of our lives and these are the things that matter.
So, please, next time you are trying to convince yourself that it’s ‘just a day’, that it’s not important. Remind yourself that it IS. It is one of the most important things you will ever do and it matters, to you and to your baby.


Just imagine the power bestowed upon you by a positive experience. Imagine being able to find the confidence to do ANYTHING you want to, simply by looking back and thinking “well, if I can do that- I can do anything”. That’s the magic of birth and that is why it is swept under the carpet. It’s because, quite simply, society isn’t ready for that. It’s not ready for women to start reclaiming their power, it’s not ready for us to understand the things we can achieve, it’s just not ready.


But WE are. We are ready to unleash that power. We are ready to change the world one bit at a time- with love, with kindness and with compassion. We are ready to reclaim birth.


If you’re ready too and you just happen to be pregnant right now, then please join us on one of our relaxation courses. We can show you the way to a birth experience that shapes you for the rest of your life- for all the right reasons. Or if you’re really ready to take control then book onto a full group or private hypnobirthing course. Oh, and of course join us here in our Facebook group for some fabulous support for mums- whether you’re pregnant or not.

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