Feeding Friday – Breastfeeding Stories to Inspire

Some of our fierce and inspiring mothers have kindly agreed to share their experiences of breastfeeding with us. Every story is unique, and a display of tenacity and love. Reminding us that just as with birth – no two experiences are the same and that there’s something innate within us, to do what is right for our families.

My hope is that sharing these stories will inspire you, fill you with confidence at times of self doubt, give you tips to enhance your feeding experience and above all remind you of how STRONG us women are!

If you would like to contribute I’d love you to get in touch – steph@doitlikeamother.co.uk

For now, sit back and enjoy…

Keri and Rory

Steph and Florence

Clare and Hugo

Nicola and Emily

Lizzie and April

Charlie and her Sidney & Rupert – Twinning!

Paula and Maggie

Gemma and Harvey

Becca and Georgia

Melanie and Elijah

Holly and Rory

Amy’s Story