birth like a mother: group full antenatal course

Designed for you and your birth partner to attend together (if not possible, we’ll let you know how best to engage them)

  • Recommended to take any time from 20-36 weeks of pregnancy
  • 13-hours of teaching and discussion, bringing hypnobirthing to life
  • Complete antenatal preparation
  • The vibe is informal and light, the material is inspiring and enabling

Session 1

Welcome & intros
getting to know each other in a relaxed and welcoming environment

Hypnosis and Hypnobirthing
and why I can’t make you cluck like a chicken

The Language of Birth
and the impact the words we use can have on our mindset throughout pregnancy and labour

The Uterus
and how this works during labour

The Adrenaline Cycle
and how it can affect your birth experience

Fear & the Subconscious Mind
we’re so conditioned to be scared of birth

Hormones in Labour
and how you can maximise their effectiveness

Positive Affirmations
and the power of positivity

Calm Breathing
the first of three breathing techniques you’ll learn

Head & Face Relaxation
a lovely script to close off the session

Session 2

Recap of Session One
a chance to go over anything again and ask any questions

Open Breathing
the second breathing tool for early labour

Soft-Stroking Massage
the massage for people who don’t like massage!

Birth Environment
your options and why it matters

Nest Making
how to make any birth environment feel like home

Choosing your Caregivers
learn who is available to support your birth

Birth Preferences
knowing your options for labour, birth and beyond

Making Informed Decisions
understanding your choices and how to make the right one for you

Due Dates & Induction
what your due date means

Navigating Unexpected Turns
how to remain positive if special circumstances arise during labour

Session 3

Recap on Session Two
a chance to go over anything again and ask any questions

Birth Partner’s Deepening Script
a relaxation script to deepen your calm

Getting Ready for Baby
what you might need and what you probably don’t

and how to deal with this phase of labour

How Birth Works
how to get that baby out!

Birth Breath
your breath for the ‘pushing’ stage

The Onset of Labour
the signs to look out for

Rest, Nest & Nurture
how to really enjoy those last few days before baby arrives

Birth Partner’s Guide
a recap of everything for birth partner’s need to know

The Postnatal Period
the “golden hour” and days and weeks after baby’s birth


Sally is our full, 13-hour group antenatal class teacher.

What's Included

  • Ongoing Support
  • WhatsApp group (with permission) to ask me any questions you have leading up to and after birth, and to get to know one another
  • Invitation to join the Yes Mum Birth Project ® Facebook group
  • Local meet-up after all the babies are born

The Investment: £295