Monday Mother- Super Chloe, 4 jobs and a baby


In the third instalment of our Monday Mother series, the gorgeous Chloe tells us a bit about being a self employed multi-tasking mama, and shares with us her experience and tips of those early days and weeks of motherhood….
It’s 7.17am, I have In The Night Garden sound track blaring from my phone in order to keep my gorgeous seven month old baby girl, Lorelei, amused while I write this. Ten minutes ago after waking her (by walking back in the room with the laptop, bad move), I played the ‘I’m asleep’ card, laying down with my eyes closed, (twice) trying to trick her. I’m clearly an amateur as she wasn’t buying it. Is it just me that does this?

Today is my ‘day off’. Which in mummy’s terms doesn’t mean anything does it?! When I say day off, I mean day off from one of my five jobs. Yep, five jobs. I’m a busy lady! First and foremost, before all of my ‘work’, and most importantly, I’m a mummy.

After being a mummy, my other jobs are:
• Beauty business owner, which I run from home (
• Part owner of a hairdressers in Leigh (
• PR, Marketing and Social Media Freelancer
• Shift work at my favourite pub; the Plough & Sail in Paglesham

As you can imagine, it’s bloody hard keeping up with everything. And if I’m honest, I forget stuff nearly every day. I have lists coming out of my ears (which I don’t mind, as I love a list), but sometimes I haven’t managed to cross one thing off! ‘Open Little L’s bank account, upload client lash photo to Instagram, write blog for Dexter Hair, research new hair product, update Polished Dollys website’ etc etc. Also, don’t forget to feed the baby haha!

So today, me and the babes will be taking a trip shopping to spend some vouchers we were kindly given when I had my baby shower, and when she was born. My favourite of all – mummy and daughter day.


The early days and weeks of motherhood…
I tell everyone who is pregnant with their first bubba, the first few weeks after birth are so special. There is so much going on around you- parents helping, family and friends visiting, partner doing everything he can to make your newly motherhood life that little bit easier (if you’re lucky like me)……but it is just you and your baby in your little world. Nothing else matters, nothing else is important, apart from you and your new little best mate.

After an amazing labour and birth, I came home on cloud nine. A very tired cloud nine, but super happy none-the-less. Don’t get me wrong, I was also shitting myself. I was now in charge of a little human that I needed to feed, change, bathe, and basically keep alive. Scary shit.

I remember walking through the front door at about 9pm on Valentines Day and perching myself on the sofa asking my partner, Ryan,‘do you think she’s hungry? Should I feed her?’ Within minutes, our little girl had latched on and after she’d been fed, Ryan took a photo of us. A picture I will treasure forever.

Breastfeeding was in no way easy or plain sailing, but it was the most rewarding and special six months. An extraordinary experience for me and my baby <3

Some advice I would give to first time new mums is:
• REST as much as you can. That means sleep when you get the chance – while your mum / partner is watching the baby, while the baby is asleep, etc.
• Take any help that is offered – the mother-in-law cooking dinner / partner cleaning (does that even happen?!) / a friend doing the washing.
• Say no to visitors if you’re not ready, and limit them if that’s what you want. YOU are in charge of YOUR life and YOUR baby, no one else.
• If you fancy that chocolate bar or naughty biscuit or glass of wine, bloody have it!
• Don’t stress if you realize you haven’t showered or brushed your teeth all day. We’ve all done it.
• A fed baby is a happy baby – whether that means by boob or bottle. Don’t feel pressured into doing either, you do what is right for you and your baby.