becoming a mother or father for the first, second or third time can be challenging, but do it like a mother is here for support

So now they’re in the outside world, things have changed, right? Pregnancy is all about the woman – (hopefully) she’s nurtured and cared for, and then… baby is out and all the focus switches.  It can feel like no one is noticing what you’re dealing with here- still growing a human on the outside, which in many ways, is more challenging. Recovering from any sort of birth. Making decisions that feel monumental when you’ve never been so tired, Your entire day to day life has changed. It’s OK to find it unsettling, even for years to come. You’re not alone. You matter. To mother the way you want to, to enjoy it (and you deserve to), you’ve gotta be in good place too. You’ll fare best when you’re equipped, informed and supported, as women once were. Welcome to our village.

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