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Essex and London

Providing care and comfort during the birth of your baby- doula in Essex and London.

I’m going to be bold and assume that if you’re expecting a baby, you’re here for one of two reasons. The first, is that you’ve heard all about the wonderful work that doulas do and you’re looking into hiring one. The second, is that you haven’t got a clue what a doula is and you just clicked to find out.

Well, if you’re in the latter group- you can think of a doula like a professional birth partner. Someone that is on-call for you when you birth your baby and can be there with you throughout.

If you’re in the former group, then here’s a bit about me (although you can read more here). I was an NHS midwife in London for 6 years and throughout that time I had the privilege of supporting mums in a wide variety of situations (including antenatal visits, home births, planned c-sections, inductions, water births, postnatal ward stays, visits to triage, stays on the private maternity unit, antenatal classes… the list goes on). In 2016 I had the life-changing experience of becoming a mother myself. I had an amazing home birth experience, with the best support team by my side. I realised the true power birth has in our lives and I wanted to help more families experience the joy I had felt. So, I joined Do It Like A Mother back in 2017 and began teaching  local families everything I had learnt so far.

But, it didn’t feel like enough. Every time I finished teaching a family, I would feel a longing to continue that support, I so desperately wanted to be there for the birth too. I knew that by offering that continued support, I could begin to make an even bigger impact. That’s why, at the beginning of this year, I made the decision to stop practising as a midwife and, instead, to begin working as a doula. Through my work as a doula, I can offer you the TLC you need during your pregnancy, I can be there for when you are going through the magic of birthing your baby and I can nourish you in the days and weeks afterwards, too. 

If you’d like to hire me as your doula, please contact me at or read on for more information. I work as a doula in Essex and London, so if you live local to these areas, then I’d love to support you.

OK, let's say you're onboard, what will you actually get?

Want the simple answer? My unwavering support throughout your pregnancy, birth and early parenting days.

Want the long answer? Here goes:


  • Visits

You’ll get as many visits as you need to feel confident and to look forward to the birth of your baby. For most people, three visits is about right but this isn’t about most people, this is about what is right for you.

  • Hypnobirthing

I can teach you hypnobirthing techniques to help encourage relaxation into your birth.

  • Education

 I can help prepare you with more traditional antenatal education too- we can cover newborn care, infant feeding, postnatal recovery and any specific requirements you may have.

  • Email and Phone Support

If you have an appointment or anything comes up and you need some support, I’ll be there over the phone or via email to help get you back on track.


  • On-Call

When the big day rolls around, just give me a call and I’ll be there when you want me. I won’t show up with a bag of fancy gadgets to help you get through your birth, I will show up with a wealth of experience and an unfaltering confidence in the power of a human giving birth. I will work with your midwife to make sure that your voice is heard and that you always feel in control when it comes to any decision-making. I can rub your back, bring you drinks, offer words to boost your confidence- whatever it is that you need.


  •  Visits

Again, I’ll be there to visit as many times as you need. For most people, one visit to chat about the birth is enough but if you need more, that’s what I’m here for.

  • Breastfeeding Support

In those early days, getting the hang of breastfeeding can be a bit tricky. I can help to support you with this and refer you on, if more in-depth support is needed. This can be over several visits and is included in the package.

  • Email and Phone Support
Of course, I will continue to support you over the phone and via email, too.


What areas do I cover?

I live in Upminster and work as a doula in Essex and East London, anywhere that is up to an hour away.

This includes: Hornchurch, Elm Park, Romford, Harold Wood, Gidea Park, Brentwood, Ockendon, Billericay, Basildon, Benfleet, Southend,  Chelmsford, Dagenham, Ilford, Hainault, Woodford, Loughton, Epping, Walthamstow, Thurrock, Rainham, Barking, Harlow and more.

If you live further afield, please do get in touch. I am happy to travel further, but there may be an additional mileage cost.

want in?

Send me an email with all of your questions to and I’ll get back to you within 48 hours. The first step is arranging a time to meet together. This first visit is free and is just our chance to get to know each other and make sure we all feel that we are the right fit for each other before deciding to go ahead.

what is the investment?

The investment for these services is as follows:

Upfront Payment- £1,000


Payment Plan- 7 monthly payments of £155

(Please note: if you have already completed a private hypnobirthing course with me, the cost of the course is deducted from my doula fee)

want inspiration in the meantime?

Why not head over to the Birth Stories section of the site to read some uplifting tales or head over to our Facebook group and watch the countless mini-antenatal classes we have recorded for you there for FREE.



If you’d love our support but don’t feel that a doula is for you, why not check out our hypnobirthing courses instead?

It’s also worth noting that everything we cover in the classes is included when you hire me as your doula. I’ll go through it all one-to-one with you and tailor the information specifically for you.

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