The Mindfulness of Breathing & Cultivation of Loving Kindness – a 6 week course.


Start the new year with a fresh mindset, feeling resilient with a greater sense of calm.

An introduction to mindfulness meditation and the cultivation of loving-kindness is a powerful 6-week course, that will give you the tools needed to bring about change in how you work with your mind.

The next available course dates are:

April 14th – May 19th

Every Tuesday evening from 7:30 pm – 9 pm at DILAM HQ.

*Please let me know if you’d like the January or march course when booking.


Course aim: To give you a solid grounding in the two most fundamental practices within mindfulness; ‘being with the breath’ and ‘the cultivation of loving-kindness’.

The course blends techniques from contemporary mindfulness practices, MBSR (mindful-based stress reduction) as well as the Buddhist tradition, bringing together time for quiet solo contemplation, journaling and group work. All practices are backed up with a scientific view on what is happening in our minds and bodies when we disengage from stress and choose to be ‘mindful’.

Upon completion, you will have all the tools needed to be ‘present’ with any and all emotional states and situations.


What did you take from the course:

Having some regular space for myself and learning to feel calm and rested. Also realising that meditation takes many forms AND that I can do it!

Anna Greaves


What would you say to somebody considering the course?

Absolutely go for it! Benefits are noticed within the week, it will slow life down and help you become more grounded, present and connected.

Louise Howe

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Multiple scientific studies have shown that meditation has fascinating, real, tangible effects on both the body and the mind; from lowering blood pressure and inflammation in the body, to building emotional resilience, greater empathy and even increasing longevity.

In our time together we will delve into some of this science to unpick how a regular practice can not only be of benefit to you but to those around you also. Each class will be an hour and a half in length, and a further reading list will also be provided.

In Buddhism, retaining the ‘beginners mind’ is the aim of even the most seasoned monk, and it is this ‘openness to learn, to be together in the moment and to show a curiosity for whatever may surface’ – that we will be looking to cultivate together.

EEG results show that brain waves synchronise when meditating as a group, so for a practice that is so often associated with solitude, there really are great benefits to spending time in a group class. 

As such the classes are as valuable to beginners as they are to those who have an established practice.

I can’t wait to meet you all, and to get started, please do get in touch should you have any questions.



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