All I want for Christmas is a better world for my baby


A more serious one today. We can’t deliver worldwide improvements for you, of course. But we do have some advice.

I wrote this earlier in the year, after a few awful things had happened and seemed to be everywhere I looked. It turns out 2016 has been full of horror right the way through.

I’ve stopped scrolling facebook because the images I’m inundated with from Aleppo are too awful to bear. I’ve made my donation to support the White Helmets, I’ve given my voice to the campaign against the use of chlorine bombs, and at the minute that’s all I can do. So I’m trying to avoid layering these dreadful events onto my mind on repeat. I strongly suggest you do the same.

Click here to learn about why you need to retreat from these terrible things, and find a safe space mentally for your sake, and for your baby’s.