Welcoming Alexander- handling a breech position

Once upon a time there was a girl who lived in a castle….oh yeah this is my birthing story not a fairytale!

I had the perfect pregnancy, no morning sickness, no health problems, I felt better than I had in years (I know some people might hate me for it) My baby was growing well, he was healthy and things were going great. I planned a home water birth, had a supportive family, midwife and people around me. My partner and I did keri’s hypnobirthing classes and loved them. They supported everything I believed and gave me the strength to continue on my dream of a natural homebirth surrounded by comfort. I wasn’t scared of giving birth, I was actually excited about labour (yes I know some may think I’m crazy) I had everything planned and prepared in my head!

Then came my 36 week scan…my baby was breech! I won’t lie I did cry. I Messaged my partner first and keri was second on my list. I needed support, ideas, and hope! The hospital gave me my ‘options’ an ECV, or a C section! (My worst nightmare, I hate hospitals) I came home cried some more, my partner and keri supported me, and put me in touch with some awesome people to try and help.

I decided to attempt the ECV, looking back my heart wasn’t in it and I found it too painful, so after a morning in hospital we gave up. My breathing and affirmations got me through that morning though, my partner also did light touch to help ease my tension. So after the ECV we tried everything to get this baby turned, exercises, reflexology, acupuncture! I was not giving up!!!

The hospital sent through a date for an elective c section, which I turned down as I would only have just been 39 weeks, and I wanted to give my body and my baby a chance to turn and also ideally go into natural labour, even though I’d still require a c section. So the consultant agreed to put my date back to 41 weeks. Excellent! I had 2 more weeks to get this baby turned. I was still full of determination and hope.

Week 39 came, no sign of baby being in a rush, I had no braxton hicks, no milk production etc…

Then week 39+1 happened!!! I was rudely awoken at 4.15am by my waters breaking! (Yep in bed, while I was sleeping) I wish I’d had more warning about how much water you can lose and keep losing…this I wasn’t prepared for! My partner was working nights that week, so I was home alone. I got to the loo with my phone and hospital book. I phoned the hospital explained my waters had broken, they were clear, I had no surges, and that my baby was breech. They asked me to make my way to the hospital as soon as I could. I phoned my partner at work. (Big surprise/shock for him). I then phoned my parents for a lift to the hospital. I rushed around finishing off packing my hospital bags. This had to be done with a towel between my legs…like I said the waters breaking was the biggest shock for me! I think people should be warned!!!

I got to the hospital after a rather nail gripping drive with my mumma. She doesn’t normally drive in the dark…thank goodness!!! We arrived about 5am, waters still flowing, but still no surges. They didn’t seem in a rush when I got there, everyone was calm. They hooked me up to a monitor…baby was fine! That was all my concerns out the window, as long as he was ok, this mumma to be could cope with anything! About 6am the surges began, mild period pain to begin with. I was happy my body and my baby knew what was happening, together we had decided now was the time for this to happen! The surgeon came round, put an iv catheter in my hand, explained the procedure, risks etc. He DID offer me a vaginal birth BUT he did also say he wouldn’t be happy or confident about it, so for safety’s sake that day, I agreed to a c section.

Still everyone was quite relaxed about it all, there seemed to be no rush. The surges started to get more intense, but my breathing got me through them well. Although disappointed I wouldn’t be having my ‘natural’ birth, I was beyond excited about meeting my baby!!! I must admit I zoned out for a while, then I realised my surges were stronger and a lot more frequent, the midwife came through to get my gown etc on, and she realised we needed to get a move on. I walked down to the delivery suite, with my partner and although it couldn’t have been further from my dream situation, I wasn’t scared, I didn’t even feel fear, I was just excited still and focused on breathing. In my mind as long as I kept breathing well, everything else would be just fine!

The spinal block did take a couple of attempts, but wasn’t painful (again hypnobirthing breathing got me through), the team I had looking after me were bright, bubbly and full of smiles!!! I had an all female team in the end, and it felt good! I felt strong…I knew they had my back… I trusted them! The c section itself was still a magical experience, hearing our baby scream as he entered the world I knew he was ok, if a little annoyed with us all! They showed him to us, then he had a quick check over by the paediatric doctor, as we were classed as an emergency c section. Then I got to cuddle my baby, that intense feeling of a love like no other flooded over me, and has stayed with me ever since!

My partner then took our baby for skin to skin, while they stitched me up. I was then taken to recovery, where we did skin to skin and within 10 minutes he had latched for his first feed! Perfect!
So did I get my dream birth…not exactly, did hypnobirthing help…most definitely, would I do it all again…without hesitation!

The reason I began with ‘Once upon a time’…because we’re now living ‘happily ever after’ (even with a few ups and downs, this is still my fairytale) ???