Welcoming Artie

It’s a great example of how second birth experiences can be totally different to the first time round. Have the courage to believe it.
????This pair of legends did, and this is how it went down…

We welcomed Artie Hugo Marrs on wednesday 31st August at 7.56am, 10 days early.
My waters released on the Tuesday at 4.30am which was a bit of a shock for my hubby, surges then started to follow but gradually wore off throughout the day so I did my best to try and carry on as normal, going out for lunch and even getting my nails done. I called the hospital at 8am and they told me to come in just to be checked and they then booked me for an induction at 8am on the Wednesday if things hasn’t progressed by then.

By 7pm that night I was bored of nothing happening so asked Keri for some suggestions on how to get things moving, she suggested Nipple stimulation which after 5 mins of doing surges started coming regularly!

I then prepped the lounge, turned down the lights, put on my mp3’s and got into the zone. Hubby was doing light touch massage and rolling my back with a tennis ball. By about 9.30pm surges were lasting about 90 seconds about every 3 mins so we called new beginnings to let them know we were coming in. When we arrived we were looked after by a great midwife but after a couple of hours she told us that I was in fact in the latent stage and surges had become very irregular so she sent us home to get some rest.

I was slightly deflated but also keen to be at home again in our own environment.
Once home we both went to bed and I listened to mp3’s all night and breathed through the surges which continued to become stronger throughout the night. At around 6am suddenly surges were coming thick and fast and I started to become very vocal, I said to hubby we need to go back to hospital very soon.

I had a shower, blow dried my hair and got ready in between surges just stopping for hubby to help me by applying low pressure on my back. He then had the longest shower in the world (well it felt like that anyway) and I felt like things were really moving along.

Once in the car, surges were very strong and I willed the journey to be over but kept listening to the affirmations over and over to stay focused. We arrived at the hospital at 7.26am where luckily a man spotted us and took me up to the central birthing suite in a wheelchair.

Once in the suite I think the midwife knew I was very close to having the baby so she gave me gas and air which really took the edge off the pain and gave me a focus. I managed to breath baby down, only giving a slight push to birth the shoulders and suddenly he popped out (I was draped over the back of the bed which seemed to be working for me)!

Everything happened so quickly, they did delayed cord clamping and I got away with a couple of stitches and little Artie then fed for 2 and a half hours.

I just couldn’t believe we’d managed to have the natural birth we both wanted (albeit slightly crazy at the end), we definitely couldn’t of done it without hypnobirthing as it really kept me focused the whole time. Thank you Keri, you have even given my anti hypnobirthing hubby faith in the practise after our experience.
This is our second baby and our first experience was completely different, I’m so thankful to Keri for giving us the tools and confidence to get through everything!
Thank you xxxx

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