Welcoming Beth- a half planned C-section

Hannah, a bank manager, and Michael, a repair technician, welcoming Elizabeth Ostara Daisy (Beth)

We came to Hypnobirthing because we wanted a calm, natural and drug free birth for our little girl. We hoped it would keep both of us calm and make birth an enjoyable experience rather that screaming on a hospital bed like you see on TV.

People thought we were being ‘a bit hippy’. Family were very supportive, friends were slightly more sceptical but when we told then what we learnt actually were really interested.
My midwife said she was very supportive too, and told me how to try and get the pool for my planned water birth.

Keri’s course was AMAZING!!!! INVALUABLE!! INFORMATIVE!! We came away from day one feeling confident, armed with knowledge and having learnt things we didn’t know we didn’t know, and by the end of the course we felt prepared, happy, excited, calm, and that we could always ask for help if we needed it!

We did quite a lot of practice, I love the light touch massage (so does Beth!). We found it a good way to relax and bond during pregnancy.

I suffered with HG sickness in pregnancy, I was so sick I couldn’t leave the house without panic attacks. Keri and hypnobirthing really helped. I used the calming breaching techniques when I was feeling really bad and starting to panic. I even made it back in to work and doing the daily commute on the trains. I regularly sat at my desk/on the trains with my eyes shut focusing on my breathing to get the though the waves of sickness- the class was worth it for that help alone!

Our lovely planned water birth came crashing down around us at 37 weeks when we realised we genuinely needed to have a c-section. The first thing I did was call Keri and ask for support, she was amazing! We met up and talked though the process and my fears (I’m needle phobic) she also lent me a CD of hypnobirthing for c-sections!

I went in to labour naturally at 38 weeks, I didn’t feel nervous at all, I felt too excited! I was in labour for around 14 hours before I was taken in for my c-section (the hospital was very busy and the midwives didn’t think I was in labour, apparently I wasn’t in enough pain/looked too happy to be in labour!).

I spent my time listening to music, bouncing on my ball, eating yummy food and chatting. Whenever a surge hit me I would stop talking, put down the mars bar and breathe through it. At no point did I ever feel I couldn’t do it, or that I wasn’t in control.
Mikey talked me though all my surges and practiced light touch massage. I was well over half way then they finally checked me and rushed us to surgery. The needles were the hardest part for me, as I normally pass out at injections. I sat on the bed in theatre with classic FM on the radio (no CD player for our music) and Mikey talked to me using the things we had learnt in class. I practiced my breathing techniques and I can honestly say I didn’t even feel the needles!

My baby was born at 2 minute past midnight on the 27th April, and it was the best moment of our lives. The experience was stressful, the sudden change to a c-section, being left in labour for so long etc. But totally manageable due to hypnobirthing. I stayed calm the whole way though, and our family were amazed at how well we coped!
Had we not learnt Hypnobirthing I don’t know how I would have done it. The sickness, the needles and the stress of a c-section, the wealth of knowledge we have learnt and the friends we have made.
The most important things we learnt were how to stay calm, how to breathe (sounds silly to say lol), and what our rights were/what we could ask for.
Keri has been amazing, the help and support has continued way past birth with coffee mornings, breast feeding workshop (organised by Keri and were sooooo helpful!!!!) and meet ups.
To anyone considering signing up to Keri’s course, I would say do it!! I bought every baby gadget in the book but the best thing by far I spent my money on was this class. It’s a must have for all pregnant mummies to be!!!

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