My high risk birth…
21st August at 11pm I started feeling surges, excitement and fear started creeping in as I didn’t want to get it wrong and worry my partner while he was at work so I started listening to my mp3’s that I got from the hypnobirthing course to pass time and calm me down so I could see if this really was ‘it’.
By 2am it was clear this was really happening so I called Paul and got him home from work. I called the hospital to let them know we were on our way, got our bags and my birth preferences and got to the hospital at 4.30am. 
I was so nervous about how things would go and if I would get what I wanted from the birth as I take medication for epilepsy although I haven’t had any seizures for 3 years now, making me high risk. The hospital staff were great I didn’t even need to say here is my birth plan the midwife noticed it sitting on the table and asked of she could have a look and straight away asked if we were hypnobirthing, she then turned off the lights and put on fairy lights and the little battery operated tea candles which I wasn’t expecting in the central delivery suite (we didn’t have the option to go to new beginnings).
I was then left to get it on with it as I had requested, no continuous monitoring and just trusted to do what I knew I needed to. I bounced on the ball for as long as i could bear then moved onto the bed as I found it more comfy to raise the back and lean over it. 
At this point I started to feel panic creeping in. I remembered being told about the transition period in labour which is usually the time the words ‘I cant do it anymore’ are uttered and I was feeling like it was all getting too much. In my mind I couldn’t be at the transition stage yet, I hadn’t been in labour long enough! I decided to go against my preferences and asked to be examined so I could get some clarity. The midwife confirmed I was 5cm which shocked me and prompted me to get a bit upset as I was feeling like I couldn’t do it anymore without pain relief. This is when everything changed….. within minutes of being told I was 5cm I felt my waters trickling and the urge to push. At this point it was like the pain disappeared and I was cool, calm and collected again. Smiling and chatting to the midwife saying ‘it’s alright, I’m ok now I know what I’m doing!’ 
Again, the midwives were great, they took a step back, gave me a few words of wisdom about taking my time to get baby out but then pretty much left me to it. I ended up sitting up on the bed, reminding myself to continue breathing, and sounding like a lion (which surprised me that this roaring noise came out when I’m generally a quite person!) It took 12 minutes for baby Blake to make an appearance at 7.47am. The midwives were caught by surprise as he was born in his amniotic sac still with just his head released from it, I regret that I didn’t get to see this though.
They placed him on my stomach and I watched him crawl up to my chest for his first feed, which I’d read about but seeing it was amazing!
The midwives again left us to take it all in, we left the cord attached until it stopped pulsing and Paul cut the cord. They also used the rainbow cord tie that we brought with us which meant so much as this was a little reminder that Blake was our rainbow after a loss we experienced last year.
Paul and me both had skin to skin with Blake which was another request. 
I am so happy and proud of what I done that day.  A short labour, no pain relief and I came put the other end totally unscathed, no tears or stitches just a bit of grazing. I’m also amazed by the hospital as I was fully prepared to go in and have to battle for my ideal birth but I didn’t need to ask or request for anything. I did want a water birth initially but things happened so quickly and I was so happy with how things were going I didn’t even think to ask about the availability of the pool!
I think this is good for those who have been told they are high risk to show that you can still feel happy and empowered by your birth. I certainly do, and I will cherish the memories made in that room for the rest of my life.
Thank you Steph,
Christine xx
If you want to learn how you too can feel this happy, calm and empowered about your birth, whatever your ‘risk status’, check out our group and private course options with myself in Southend, or Chloe in Upminster, where you can learn all the things which helped Christine and Paul welcome baby Blake into the world in such a wonderful way.