Welcoming Vida- a VBAC on ONE LEG- yep

This is INCREDIBLE… Positive, imperfect birth. In Jai’s own words…

When I broke my ankle at 36 weeks pregnant, I was nervous as to what it would mean for my labour. My first birthing experience hadn’t turned out as I had planned (unexpected c-section) and this made me feel anxious as to whether my care-givers would support my birthing plans this time around.

When chatting to a friend, she recommended I get in contact with Keri and said if nothing else, she might help my mindset and encourage me to approach my labour with a more positive attitude.
At the weekly relaxation group I learned how to switch off and calm myself from the inside. Blocking out the world and focusing on my own thoughts isn’t something that comes naturally to me, so I cannot tell you how much that helped.

Labour started at 4am and I stayed at home with my husband for as long as possible, using the breathing techniques I’d learned from the group and from The Calm Birth School. The best thing was that when my surges arrived, I felt fully prepared for them. I even remember saying aloud ‘my surges cannot be stronger than me, they are me!’ and singing ‘Do it like a Mother’ to the chorus of Jessie’s J’s ‘Do it like a Dude’!
We eventually arrived at the hospital at 11am and my plan was for an active labour. So when our midwife suggested I go onto my back, hubby explained this would make me pretty useless, almost like a tortoise laying on it’s shell as my left leg is unusable in that position. Once we articulated our concerns and explained that we needed to know not just what we should do, but also why, our midwife proved to be the biggest help we could ask for.
I started on my knees. However, about 30 mins after we arrived, there were concerns raised that the cord wasn’t positioned right and so the consultant suggested we go to theatre for a possible ventouse / forceps delivery or possibly a c-section. My midwife explained to both sides what was going on and to us what I needed to do to avoid this. We worked through the issues as a team of 3 with my hubby frequently telling me ‘I could and would DO this’ and although not the ‘perfect’ birth (I had a small episiotomy), we worked together, avoiding a trip to theatre and I gave birth to our beautiful baby girl, Vida Lys Foster at 12.18pm!!

I DID IT LIKE A MOTHER (on one leg ???!!!!
Thank you Keri for your help, we’re so grateful!! Xx ?

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