what do we cover?

What do we cover?? SO MUCH...

  • Birth in history through to present day- recognising how we got where we are
  • Our cultural inability to switch off and the impact on our lives, our bodies, and birth
  • What hypnosis is, how it works and why it works- tool for reprogramming and tool for relaxation
  • The mind body connection further explored- our mammalian processes
  • The impact of observation
  • The power of words and what to do about it
  • The uterus- how it works
  • The fear-tension- pain cycle
  • The hormones of labour and how to tip the balance in your favour
  • Massage technique
  • 3 distinct breathing techniques- for relaxation, for during labour, for pushing stage
  • Positions for optimal progress in labour
  • Visualisation- why and how
  • Affirmations- unlocking the power of your thinking patterns and perspective
  • Dial down method for relaxation
  • Dealing with distractions
  • Practical and emotional tools for the birth partner to rock their role
  • Preparing your body
  • Preparing your baby- achieving optimal position, the implications and your options
  • Place of birth- your options, the evidence, and how to optimise any location
  • Intervention- length of pregnancy and labour, your options, the evidence
  • Optimising C-section for you and baby
  • Making solid decisions & confidence
  • Birth plan (and template & examples)
  • Early labour run through- what to expect, what to do
  • Established labour run through- what to expect, what to do
  • Vaginal examinations
  • Considerations for the moment when you meet your baby
  • The golden hour- the evidence and your options
  • Briefly, the fourth trimester

As well as all of this, you can ask us ANYTHING and if it’s not within our expertise, we will know someone who can help you.

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